Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some bottles (and 1 bowl)

When I first started really getting into shaping my pottery. Bottles, for me, were the hardest thing I could think of to throw. I couldn't believe how guys like Tom Coleman and Dan Wheeler  could make such nice forms. Especially while making their pots so light and consistent! Not to say im  anywhere near guys like tom and Dan it is encouraging to be able to throw the forms that I once looked at as impossible.

If I were to offer tips for somebody who's  been throwing for a little while that wants to tackle quality bottles. It would probably help and to think very hard about their order of operations to reduce unnecessary clay movements. it's also just as important how they appropriate their clay before going from cylinder to a bottle. When trying such delicate forms reduce drag as much as possible as well as reduce water saturation. This is a difficult problem because the less water you have the more drag you get and with more water the less drag you have. So you have to work very fast and intentional. You also have wet only certain sections a certain times then rib the water off right away.

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