Saturday, January 16, 2010

Packing Pots

I just spend a few hours on this dreary saturday to pack up some work for Mossy Creek Pottery! I pulled the pots out of the kiln about a week ago. It is funny how after a week I like them more! Perhaps my expectaiotns work against me. Either way the last load was pretty good, lots of deep color and very few flaws. I am exploring with some shino as well as with some other special effects glazes. Everything else was copper red with my "Gambler" glaze reacting to all sorts of special effects glazes. I had good luck with the shino on porcelain but the other tests were a waste. I will be adding more fine porcelain worrk to my etsy in a few days. I will add them slowly to keep things fresh.

I am loving making pots and attracting buyer online. It is so exciting to see work go to New York, DC, and other various cities. I need to again thank each one of you who has ever bought one of my pieces! You keep me going! I owe you so much and I attribute a large amount of my success to you!