Sunday, December 4, 2011

Creative Thoughts

As a teacher you are often required to have a rhyme and reason for everything you do. All choices made must have an intention that is explainable and quantifiable. BLAH!

For an artist to have to give an account for every choice is like asking a rose why it is beautiful, smells beautiful, and why yet it has thorns. I feel like when you do that you compromise what IS. Focus on the beauty and enjoy it. For that is its higher purpose and it is your higher purpose to revere. To mentally massage such an idea is ignorant and futile. Objectivity will distance you into a never ending enigma of unsatisfaction.

Part of what makes me a creative person is that I am not mechanical, thought out, or limited by a formula. Half the time I cant even explain why or what I am doing with my art, I just do it. As if it is part of a subconscious process that cannot be understood but only seen. Like how your best ideas come to you when you are doing something "normal". Artists and creatives cannot by enslaved by anyone's self justified false logic. It must transcend beyond that to become what it IS so we can all focus on its beauty and enjoy. Let reverence be your guide.