Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BiG PoTs

So I am out of coleman porcelain so I am having to scrap around for something to throw until my shipment comes in from clayart. I figure it I am using a white stoneware (b-mix copy) I might as well throw some bigger pots.

There are two thing I want to say about this:

First, Whenever you switch clay it seems like it takes some time to get your hands to work right. I have to pull much slower with this clay and I cannot stagger my hands during a pull as much as I do with the coleman. However, once I lined up my inside and outside hands I had much more success.

Second, water usage was a little different.  I have to pull slower meaning the water has more time on the clay making it weaker overall. I don't like this... I also found that English ribbing (double ribbing) works better on bmix than coleman. I stopped double ribbing on my porcelain but I now recall its advantages as well as with dry throwing.

Each pot took a lot of time but after many flops I am having a higher success rate.

*pots were stacked and scored together

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