Saturday, June 5, 2010

Firing again

Just finished 2 loads of pots in 72 hours. Whew I am pooped!

I am amazed at the magnitude of the effect the smallest thing can do to your firing. In my firing on the 3rd I turned my target brick sideways to allow the slightest amount of flame to get around it and reach the front of the kiln, there was about a 1.5 inch gap. This caused cone 12 to fall on the bottom with 11 half down on top. In this last firing I moved that target brick so no flame got around it and in this last firing cone 11 is flat on top with only 9 down on the bottom. Just the slightest move and the kiln temperature inversion is flipped.....ugh.

I will post some picture of the pots from both firings soon. Keep posted!

Peace to you!

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